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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Inside the Studio with Famed Furniture Maker Jared Rusten

Published February 18, 2013 on 7×7
After rooting around a box in the back of his workshop, Jared Rusten pulls out an ordinary-looking block of honey-colored wood. He carefully shaves off a few curly strips and says, “smell that.”

Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend was born and died on social media

Published January 16, 2013 on CNET News
The hoax about the death of the famous football player’s girlfriend was wholly constructed on the Internet, but it was those same online tools that left a trail that also revealed the truth.

San Francisco’s Sunset District Experiences an Architectural Renaissance

Published December 10, 2012 on California Home + Design
When most people think of San Francisco architecture they imagine ornate wood Victorians standing several stories high, not the cottage-like cookie-cutter homes that blanket the city’s western neighborhoods. However, it’s looking like that could change.