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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Cult Artist Barry McGee at BAM/PFA

Published August 29, 2012 on California Home + Design
Barry McGee has several aliases. Some know him as Twist, others as Ray Fong (he goes by Lydia Fong too). Then there’s Raymond Virgil and Bernon Vernon. All of these figures combined create McGee—the illusive, legendary, cult artist.

Twitter’s New Digs, but will they ever leave the office?

Published August 2012 in San Francisco Magazine
A stroll through the new Mid–Market District reveals pretty much what a stroll through the old one did: grassy vacant lots, empty storefronts covered in paper and cardboard, and street people begging for change or digging through trash cans. But you’ll also hear the incessant din of jackhammers drumming and metal clanking, palpable signs of the massive reinvestment that’s sweeping this neighborhood.