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Category Archives: Radio

Radio story: Extreme biking–dangerous, dirty and tons of fun

This radio story aired on Crosscurrents for KALW public radio on April 7, 2010. Cutting your gas bill, your carbon footprint, or your waistline: these are some of the reasons to bike more. And in San Francisco, biking has increased by more than 50 percent over the past three years, according to the San Francisco Municipal […]

Radio story: Youth artworks brings spirit to South Berkeley

This radio story aired on Crosscurrents for KALW public radio on May 19, 2010. Economic hardships are affecting communities throughout the Bay Area. Communities like the working class neighborhoods of South Berkeley. Many residents there have often struggled to make a living, but with the recession, 20 percent of the population is now living below […]

Radio story: Adult four-square

This radio story aired on Crosscurrents for KALW public radio on February 24, 2010. Recess isn’t just for kids anymore… If you’ve ever walked through the parking lot at Oakland’s Rockridge Bart late on a Thursday night, you may have seen a group of raucous twenty and thirty somethings yelling and drinking beer. They’re not […]

Radio story: Hawk Hill

Raptors are birds of prey, everything from eagles and falcons to owls and hawks. Every October and November, these birds migrate from the north to the south in search of warmer weather and food. The premier site for watching these migrating raptors in the Western U.S. is in the Bay Area’s Marin Headlands at Hawk […]

Radio story: The Ferocious Few

The Ferocious Few is a local underground rock duo. They play day and night, on street corners, outside big concerts—basically anywhere they might be heard. And the two musicians are so energetic and tight, it’s hard not to stop and listen. I caught up with them at a recent performance and produced this radio story […]

Radio story: Conversation with my dad about a certain tall tale

I can’t  hear the words tall and tale without thinking of my dad, Baine Kerr. I produced this radio story for North Gate Radio’s “Tall Tales” show that aired on KALX radio November 19, 2009. For this show, I got my dad to tell me about the biggest tall tale he knows. The “Tall Tales” […]

Radio story: Wheelchair Rugby

I spent time on the sidelines of one of San Francisco’s pick-up wheelchair rugby games and learned about what it takes to play the game. All of the participating athletes are quadriplegics, which means that they have some type of impairment in their upper body–some have use of their arms, while others don’t. I also […]